Get 3D Virtual Tour, Professional Photos, and Home Walkthrough Video at One Low Cost!

3D Virtual Tour

3D Virtual Tour provides an immersive walkthrough experience with interactive view from every angle inside the property in high-resolution.

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Professional Photos in High Resolution

Pictures speak a thousand words, so imagine the heartstrings you can tug with stunning photos of your property captured at perfect exposure and angles using our ultra-high resolution (134 mega-pixel) and ultra wide-angle Matterport Pro2 3D Camera

Home Walkthrough Video

Our Home Walkthrough Video showcases the best parts of the property in a 3D walkthrough to tug on the heartstrings of potential buyers.

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Real Estate Landing Page

A dedicated webpage exclusive for your property listings without distraction to competitors’ listings. Provided free with Essential Package, our outstanding template is the most beautiful way to present your property listings online.

Schematic Floor Plan

Schematic Floor Plan

Our cutting-edge technology in 3D Virtual Tour generates highly accurate schematic floor plans complete with room dimensions providing all the information needed.

Virtual Staging

At a fraction of the cost of traditional home staging, virtual staging helps potential buyers to visualise the property as their future home. Add design furniture to vacant living room, bedrooms, and kitchen from our most complete furniture catalogue from traditional to scandinavian, virtually into the property photos to bring out its full potential.


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Virtual Staging Virtual Staging
Virtual Staging Virtual Staging

Virtual Renovation

At a fraction of the cost of traditional renovation, virtual renovation helps potential buyers to visualise the property as their future home. Declutter unsightly furniture, redecorate walls and floors, and include design furniture from our most complete furniture catalogue to the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen virtually into the property photos to bring out its full potential.


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How It Works

Request for a Scan

Request for a Scan

Click on any Request for a Scan button, enquire, and book with us on whatsapp. Upon confirmation on date and time, we will send you an invoice with payment link.

Scan on Site

Scan on Site

Scan the interior and exterior space of the property at every 5 to 8 foot. Please ensure that the property is tidy, decluttered and unsightly items hidden. A typical home of 1,500 sqft will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

The 3D Virtual Tour and Professional Photos will be completed and delivered to you within 24 hours after scanning. Home Walkthrough Video will be ready in 3 days.


Starting from


Essential Package

  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • Professional Photos in High-Resolution
  • Free 1-year 3D Virtual Tour Hosting
  • Free Real Estate Landing Page


  • Up to 1,200 sqft – S$199*
  • Next 1,000 sqft – additional S$0.20 psf
  • Thereafter – additional S$0.15 psf


  • Home Walkthrough Video - S$99
  • Virtual Staging - S$39 per photo
  • Virtual Renovation - S$59 per photo
  • Schematic Floor Plan - S$49

*Price after $50 OFF for real estate agents booking first 3D scan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 360 Virtual Tour and 3D Virtual Tour?

360 Virtual Tour is simply a slideshow of 360-degree panoramic images ‘stitched’ together. 360-degree panoramic images are captured using 360-degree camera such as the popular Ricoh Theta and Insta 360. 

3D Virtual Tour is also made up of 360-degree panoramic images. The 360-degree panoramic images for our 3D Virtual Tour are captured using cutting-edge ultra-wide angle and 134 mega-pixels 3D camera with depth sensors that map out a property’s spatial features. The camera collects the depths of all of the objects within the property and transfers it into a 3D model, referred to as a “dollhouse” in virtual modelling. Thus, in addition to what 360 Virtual Tour can offer, 3D Virtual Tour also have 3D navigation and depth, which makes for a much more immersive experience i.e. property-seekers can do virtual walkthrough inside the property as if they are actually in the property. 

How does 3D scan work?

Our special ultra-high-resolution and wide angle 3D Camera accurately captures your property through its powerful yet easy-to-use technology, creating an accurate 3D version for the 3D walkthrough property tours.

The camera is placed in the room to take the scan from all angles and spin 360° to capture the entire depth of the space. The camera will then be moved between 5 – 8 feet and scan again until every inch of the property is completely covered.

How long does the 3D scan take?

Typically, a property with built-up size of 1,200 sqft will take approximately 90 minutes. A landed house with built-up size of 3,500 sqft will take approximately 3.5 hours to complete the scans.

Where can I showcase the 3D Virtual Tour?

An iframe code will be provided for you to place it on your, listings, and websites. URL link will also be provided for you to send to impress your clients (sellers/landlords) and prospective buyers/tenants.

Do you also provide 3D scanning service for commercial and industrial properties?

Yes, in addition to HDB flats and private residential properties, we also provide 3D scanning services for commercial, and industrial properties.

Will I own the digital assets such as the 3D Virtual Tour, Professional Photos in High Resolution, and Home Walkthrough Video?

3D Virtual Tour will be hosted free for 1 year on us in the Matterport cloud server. From 2nd year onwards, hosting fee is chargeable at $100 annually if you'd like to keep it active to showcase to future potential clients (i.e. sellers, landlords). There will be refund in credits if the 3D Virtual Tour is removed before the complete full year, contact us for more details.

You will own the Professional Photos in High Resolution, and the Home Walkthrough Video. When you order the Schematic Floor Plan, Virtual Staging, or Virtual Renovation, they will be fully yours.

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